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Meet The Team!


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Nate Elliott

    Elliott, Nate

    Nate Elliott

    Operations Manager
  • Mike Jordet

    Mike Jordet

    Mike Jordet

    Inventory Manager. & Dealer Principal
  • Mat Jordet

    Jordet, Mat

    Mat Jordet

    Inventory Manager & Dealer Principal

Office & Administration

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Casey Stemig

    Stemig, Casey

    Casey Stemig

    Title Clerk
  • Diana Cole

    Cole, Diana

    Diana Cole

  • Melissa Jordet

    Jordet, Melissa

    Melissa Jordet

    Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Gina Kobylinski

    Kobylinski, Gina

    Gina Kobylinski

  • Julie Konz

    Hofer, Julie

    Julie Konz

    Certified Title Clerk / Office Manager
  • Gina Schulte

    Schulte, Gina

    Gina Schulte

    Office Assistant
  • Kelsi Sullivan

    Sullivan, Kelsi

    Kelsi Sullivan

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Pierce Edelbrock

    Edelbrock, Pierce

    Pierce Edelbrock

    Social Media Marketing
  • Peter Lansing

    Lansing, Peter

    Peter Lansing

    Finance Director
  • Wynn Johnson

    Johnson, Wynn

    Wynn Johnson

    Finance Manager


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Ethan Volkmuth

    Volkmuth, Ethan

    Ethan Volkmuth

    Sales Manager
  • Justin Hollenkamp

    Hollenkamp, Justin

    Justin Hollenkamp

    Sales Manager
  • Megan Rech

    Rech, Megan

    Megan Rech

    Truck Specialist
  • Ryan Allen

    Allen, Ryan

    Ryan Allen

    Truck Specialist
  • Mike Kessler

    Kessler, Mike

    Mike Kessler

    Truck Specialist
  • Tadan LaFrance

    LaFrance, Tadan

    Tadan LaFrance

    Truck Specialist
  • Nick Selle

    Selle, Nick

    Nick Selle

    Truck Specialist
  • Peter Moon

    Moon, Peter

    Peter Moon

    BDC Coordinator
  • Rachel Volkmuth

    Volkmuth, Rachel

    Rachel Volkmuth

    BDC Associate
  • Camren Gall

    Gall, Camren

    Camren Gall

    Truck Specialist
  • Matt Hardt

    Hardt, Matt

    Matt Hardt

    Truck Specialist

Pre-Auction Wholesale (P.A.W.)

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Aaron Janey

    Janey, Aaron

    Aaron Janey

    P.A.W. Sales Manager
  • Justin Bjork

    Bjork, Justin

    Justin Bjork

    PAW Associate
  • Brad Bauer

    Bauer, Brad

    Brad Bauer

    PAW Detail Lead
  • Derek Anderson

    Anderson, Derek

    Derek Anderson

    PAW Service Technician

MTH Commercial

1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Eric Scott

    Scott, Eric

    Eric Scott

    Commercial Truck Specialist
  • Mike Volkmuth

    Volkmuth, Mike

    Mike Volkmuth

    Commercial Truck Specialist


1805 MN-23 NE
Saint Cloud
  • Kevin Jonely

    Jonely, Kevin

    Kevin Jonely

    Service Manager
  • Curt Smith

    Smith, Curt

    Curt Smith

    Reconditioning Manager
  • Kyle Johnson

    Johnson, Kyle

    Kyle Johnson

    Reconditioning Coordinator
  • Samantha Kedrowski

    Kedrowski, Samantha

    Samantha Kedrowski

    MTH Garage Specialist
  • Robert Percival

    Percival, Robert

    Robert Percival

    Building Maintenance
  • Brian Rickard

    Rickard, Brian

    Brian Rickard

    Shop Foreman
  • Joe Williams

    Williams, Joe

    Joe Williams

    Lead Diesel Technician
  • Vinnie Zirbes

    Zirbes, Vinnie

    Vinnie Zirbes

    Diesel Technician
  • Jacob Fore

    Fore, Jacob

    Jacob Fore

    Diesel Technician
  • Adam Voigt

    Voigt, Adam

    Adam Voigt

    Service Technician
  • James Truehart

    Truehart, James

    James Truehart

    Service Technician
  • Lyle Arnett

    Arnett, Lyle

    Lyle Arnett

    Service Technician
  • Ben Felix

    Felix, Ben

    Ben Felix

    Lube Technician
  • Adam Voit

    Voit, Adam

    Adam Voit

    Detail Lead
  • Jordan Johnson

    Johnson, Jordan

    Jordan Johnson

    Detail Lead
  • Terran Kloos

    Kloos, Terran

    Terran Kloos

  • Jose X

    X, Jose

    Jose X

  • Hunter Johnsen

    Johnsen, Hunter

    Hunter Johnsen

  • Alexis Rezac

    Rezac, Alexis

    Alexis Rezac

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